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Why Patriot Cheer ?

Patriot Cheer exists to give girls the opportunity to cheer at Middle School and High School football games. These events are typically reserved for students who attend brick and mortar schools. Why should they have all of the fun?! Our Patriot Football team provides exciting events for homeschool families all across Central Oklahoma, building community and great memories!

 Sideline cheer is different from competitive cheer. Our coaches want this experience to build relationships while also cheering with excellence.

Stronger Than Ever is our motto for this year. 


As a game day squad, the time commitment for Patriot Cheer runs from tryouts in late April/early May (based on schedules and facility availability) through the football season (which runs mid-August to early November). The organization hosts several non-mandatory events before tryouts. Since the program doesn't run all year, you have a nice long break from November to April to rest, pursue other activities, etc. We do continue to have social events as a squad.

The actual dates for the below events change from year to year based on the calendar.

April:  one day cheer clinic/evaluations

May: Intro To Cheer Week/ Tryout Week (mandatory to participate on the squad

June: conditioning and practice for required camp for all squad members

July: NOTHING Scheduled to allow time for family vacations and camps.

August: regular fall practice and games begin! Practice days are changing for the 2024 season: please check back for updates

September-October: Regular season games; mandatory attendance required at home games; away games are decided on an individual basis.

**This is a team sport. A six-month committment is required of all participants.

Time Commitment

Fees and Expenses

Patriot Cheer is a non-profit organization. All fees are used to cover expenses incurred to run the program. Board members are not compensated in any way for their participation. Coaches are professionals who are able to ensure the squad is not only learning cheers, stunting, and tumbling, but also have the utmost concern for the safety of the squad. They are paid for their expertise. 

Tryout Fee: $50

This fee is required of all participants. If the student attended either cheer clinic, this fee is waived. 

Yearly Fee: 2024 Estimation: $600

This fee covers the cost of professional coaches (who attend all practices, camps, games, and extracurricular activities), camp attire, insurance, UCA Camp, and facility fees. In the past, this fee was broken into individual parts and exceeded the cap of 600 we have set. The remaining costs are subsidized by monies made from Fall Ball.

Uniform Fee: Varies 

For their first season, all cheerleaders will be required to purchase a uniform and the required gear including shoes, bag, poms, etc. This gear is purchased in total the first year and owned by the individual family. In subsequent years, gear or new uniform pieces may be purchased as they are outgrown or worn out. 

Incidental Fees: Vary

Game attendance is $5 per person with a $20 family maximum. Cheerleaders and volunteers are not required to pay entry into the games.


The cost of cheer pictures is NOT included in the yearly fee. 


A uniform deposit is due at the  uniform fitting DATE TBD. The remaining fees are divided up over May, June, and July for your convenience. We accept cash, check, cash app, and credit card. Several fundraisers are held (one in the spring and one in the fall) to offset the cost of cheer. We highly encourage your family to take advantage of the fundraiser!

We missed tryouts for this year.

We are so sorry you missed the cut off! Of course, we want every girl to have a chance to be a part of Patriot Cheer who is interested. However, we do have deadlines in order for our uniforms to arrive in time for the season and to have accurate numbers for the OU Cheer Camp. If you missed the cutoff for the current season, please make sure to follow us on social media. We post all upcoming events so you won't miss anything in the future.

We would also love to see you at one of the games during the regular season. Games are a great place to see what our squad is up to, listen to the marching band and watch some football! See our Cheer Schedule Tab for the current schedule.

What do you have for my younger girls?

For our littlest future Patriot Cheerleaders, we host a mini-cheer camp!  Each student (5-11 years old) attends two practices, receives an honorary Patriot cheer t-shirt and cheers at a home game. Cost is $35 for the week. Details will be announced on social media and this website as registration opens. ( Registration will be under the Clinics and Camps Tab)

This is always a fun way for younger girls to participate and meet the cheerleaders.

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